The best art museums to visit in London

London has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, many galleries are free to enter or very cheap to enter. Visiting a London art gallery is a great way to spend the day exploring and spending time with family and friends. Here is a list of some of my favourite art museums in London, a bit about them and how to get there.

Barbican art gallery

  • Barbican tube is the closest, but well connected to Moorgate, Bank and St Pauls
  • Photography, fine art and design exhibitions
  • Presents work by leading international artists of many art disciplines
  • Also visit Barbican curve, a sister gallery, for contemporary work

National gallery

  • Overlooking Trafalgar square, so it’s very easy to find


    The National Gallery

  • Exhibits Western European paintings from 13th to 19th centuries
  • Free to enter

National portrait gallery

  • Close to Trafalgar Square and Leicester square tube station
  • Find Botticelli, Van Gogh and Da Vinci in this gallery
  • Mostly consists of faces and personalities
  • Includes work over many mediums; sculptures, paintings photography, video wtc.
  • Free to enter

Saatchi gallery

  • London’s Kings Road in Chelsea, on the district line


    Saatchi Gallery London

  • Houses contemporary art and little known international art
  • Will become museum of Contemporary Art when Charles Saatchi retires.
  • Has a book shop and café

Tate Modern

  • On South bank, overlooking the Thames. Close to Southwark underground station
  • Modern and contemporary art
  • Holds an interactive art play area
  • Was previously a power station
  • The restaurant has excellent views over London

Tate Britain

  • Close to Pimlico and Vauxhall stations
  • Holds largest collection of British art in the world from 1500 to present
  • Holds many art forms from sculptures to paintings
  • Free to enter

Somerset house


Somerset House at night

  • Is between the Strand and the river Thames, near Embankment
  • Holds contemporary art and design exhibitions
  • There are 55 fountains during the summer months
  • Huge courtyard transforms into ice skating rink during winter months
  • Also hosts open-air concerts and films


London Magicians And Their Mind Boggling Tricks

Are you looking forward to an experience that will completely baffle your mind right in the heart of London City? Well a magic show will just do that for you here in London whether you’re a Londoner, or a visitor to this magnificent city. London Magicians are geniuses at making you completely amazed, entertained and lost in the world of illusions with their spectacular performances. These performances range from tricksters, mindreading, and death escapology to complete daredevil stunts which will leave you with your mouth wide open in amazement.

Magicians perform in large theatres across London as well as in private events like wedding parties. In all the venues, a close up show or a stage show can apply in all cases depending on the setting of the event, the available space and the specialization of the performer. It can be done by individual artists or in groups otherwise known as magic circles. These Circles are becoming a popular way of performing especially for large audiences. Their performances include daring stunts, the kind you hardly believe until you see for yourself!

Due to the public demand of their shows in London, more and more magicians are coming up thus making this art to grow and become even more popular. If you’re looking to hire a magician their services, you just have to reach them on social media, most even have You Tube Channels you can see their contacts

There are different types of performers in London with different skills and abilities to blow your mind out.




Some of their arts include street performances which are very popular and target the public by showcasing simple tricks. A more complicated type of street performance is the table performance, which is very well suited for weddings. Also another “complicated” type of magic available is mentalism which concludes by reading people’s minds to know their thoughts.


This can be complicated further to illusion magic which features more complicated stunts like chopping off fingers and re fixing them back.  A good performer can do all this tricks.

Best Piano Tuner in London – UK’s Best Piano Tuning Service

In this article we bring you the UK’s Best Piano tuner and how, why and details on finding piano tuner in London.

Piano-Tuner-londonA harmonious musical performance is not possible without perfectly tuned instruments. Many singers rely on the piano to get the correct sound of notes in a song. If the piano is not tuned properly, the sound is wrong and not pleasing to the ear. An off-tune piano can also confuse or misguide other musicians in an orchestral. All instruments must be accordant in an orchestral for a melodious performance. One major lesson for beginners is how to tune a piano. You cannot learn to play musical notes properly on a piano that is out of tune.

Why You Need Piano Tuners

It is possible to learn how to play a piano on your own through online tutorials or printed materials. However, learning to tune a piano is a challenge to beginners. The best approach when learning how to tune a piano is to involve a professional piano tuner. You can find a piano tuner and in any other part of London. Learning from a piano tuner is faster and easier as you can learn at your pace and ask questions. A Piano tuning tuner will keep it in tune until you learn how to do it on your own. They will also advice you on quality tools you can use to tune your piano.

How to Find a Piano tuner in London

Any professional piano tuner must have a website where interested clients can find information. A simple online search will give you multiple results of professional piano tuners in London. Reliable piano tuners provide contacts on their websites or social media accounts for their clients. You do not have to struggle with tuning your piano or learn music on a piano that is out of tune. Search for a professional tuner in your area and allow them to tune your piano and teach you how to do it. You can also get referrals from your music teacher or other piano players on piano tuners in your area.

AMH Pianos London by Andy Howard

By: Piano tuner Fulham